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Dealing With Low Water Pressure

Does the toilet or washing machine take so long to fill up? Does your shower head barely release water? Low water pressure is frustrating, and if you are experiencing it in your home right now, worry not, as there are things you can do to sort that out.


But first, remember that several issues cause low water pressure. At times, these can be resolved easily, provided that you are willing to get down and dirty to fix them.


Solving the problem of low water pressure requires you to check if it is affecting your entire house or if the issue is just isolated to a single fixture or group of pipes. If the problem is isolated, then just work on the affected fixtures or pipes. However, if the problem is affecting your entire house, contact a skilled and licensed plumber in your locality immediately. Here are details on what skilled and licensed plumbers are capable of doing:


Fixtures to Check and How to Check them Properly


Shower Head
If the shower head no longer unleashes water at high pressure but a lot of water is coming out of other taps in the bathroom or other parts of your house, then it is possible that it is clogged with hard water. You can fix this problem by cleaning or replacing the shower head. Take the shower head out, switch the valve on, and then direct the water to the unscrewed shower head to flush out all debris in it. If the water pressure is excellent with the shower head off, the problem is with the shower head and you need to clean it properly or replace it.


• Taps
If the tap in your bathroom or kitchen is experiencing low water pressure, the first thing you should do is to see if there is something wrong with the aerator. Take the aerator out and check the flow of the water from the tap to find out if the water pressure is good without it. If the pressure is fine without the aerator on, just wash it. Otherwise, there may be a problem with the tap or the pipe attached to it, and you have to call a plumber to get it fixed for you.


• Toilet
Toilets that no longer fill fast are a very common issue, and a lot of times, replacing their fill valves fixes the problem. However, make sure to first find out if the problem originates from the fill valve. To do this, switch the angle stop off to keep the water from flowing. Then take out the upper section of the toilet’s flex line, point it to a bucket, and switch it on. If the water pressure is high enough, then disconnect and clean the valve or have it replaced.


These are the ways to deal with low water pressure. Remember to call licensed and skilled plumbers to help you if things go awry.