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Hot Water

Got a problem with your water heater? Have it inspected by a certified plumber. At Plumber Cheltenham, we ensure that our hot water specialists arrive on time, every time. We take pride in providing excellent plumbing services at an affordable price.

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Hot Water in Cheltenham

Bertha was half way through filling a bucket for mopping when she noticed steam had stopped rising from the container. Confused, she ran her hand under the tap and found the water to be cold. She made sure the cold tap was off tightly and turned the hot tap up more. Still, cold water poured out. Bertha turned off the tap and walked into her ensuite. She tested every hot tap in there and still found the water to be icy instead of boiling.

Was there something wrong with the hot water system? It was only seven years old, surely it hadn’t died yet! She rang her local Cheltenham Plumber who had installed the tank. He arrived that afternoon to see what the problem was. He tested the tank and the water and reached his conclusion. The thermostat had failed. The tank itself was fine, but the thermostat controlled the temperature of the water. Without this, the water would simply run cold. Relieved that her tank would live another day, Bertha agreed to the work. The Plumber also checked the anode and found it to be very rusted. He showed this to Bertha and compared it to a new one off his truck. They were important, he explained, as they were called ‘sacrificial anodes’ and helped prevent the tank from rusting by corroding instead. Pleased that he’d taken the time to show and explain it to her, Bertha also consented. She didn’t want to think about buying a new water tank any time soon, so whatever she could do to help prolong the life of her tank, she would.

She bustled off to make him a cup of tea while the Plumber got to work. Before long he was finished. Bertha watched as he tested the tap furthest from the tank. The water slowly began to run warm, then hot!

Has your hot water system been having problems? Call your local Cheltenham Plumber today on 0488 886 325 and book an appointment!

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