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Reasons for Getting Cold Water and the Solutions to Fix the Problem

If your water not actually becomes hot, possibilities are the water heater requires time to heat the water, basically if you have been performing other things such as running the dishwasher or washing clothes. But if the cold showers happen in the middle of warm shower, you may contain some issues with the hot water heater or plumbing. Checking a water heater is little bit tough. You will need to go on the abode, checking the warm water appliances to verify whether or not the cold shower was a separate incident or is normal on the entire house. If you are not receiving hot water, the water heater is the culprit. Examine the temperature setting on the heater, if it is ok good. You have to look whether the fuse has been blown if you are using electrical power to warm the water.


A fuse can be changed easily. If you contain gas, ensure to check whether the pilot light went out. If it is went out, you can relight it, by following the instruction given by the manufacturer’s manual. When repairing the temperature setting, pilot light or fuse does not solve your issue, possibilities are you may contain different other problems like flue obstructions, defective thermocouple, defective temperature control and sediment accumulation on the heating unit. If the other appliances in the home give off hot water and remains hot for long time, your shower is the individual challenge. There are different problems why the shower loses warm water. If you possess long standing galvanized steel pipes, these pipes maybe corroded and require replacing.


You must also check the shut off value for this purpose. It the valve is closed or partially closed, you have to open the valve and check whether the shower gives hot water. But if you get lukewarm water or obtaining cold water, you can conclude that it is a shower valve problem. Occasionally shower valves turn worn down in the course of time, the rubber parts swelling or decayed with age. If this occurs, the rubber parts stop the way for flowing water. This obstruct always occurs with the shower valves because heat creates the rubber swell.


After using some years, the rubber parts break and pass to the water valve and to the shower, making a blockage. If you think that you can take the valve apart, you can clean hot water valve by removing the broken down pieces and return the rubber in the valve. Remember that the shower valves are placed interior side of the wall and may be accessible only by the unseen panel in a closet or cabinet in the bathroom. If you are nervous on replacing the blown fuse, changing the water heater, relighting a pilot light or clearing the shower valve, it is good to call a plumbing expert. Without having proper knowledge about this and keeping your hand on the device is not a good idea and it is also not advisable. So look for a professional plumbing expert to check the device and fix the problem.