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Tips to Repair a Solar Water Heater

Staying healthy is very important for us, and, like us, the environment also needs protection in order to regenerate and prosper. We should try and conserve our energy for when it is most needed and also try to exploit our natural resources very carefully. Waking up to the fact that the sun can offer us all the energy we need is critical in the evolution of our society.

Thankfully we have the means and the ability to change our habits and replace our consumption of traditional fuels such as coal and petrol. You can start changing your way of living fast and easy simply by switching one appliance: your water heater. Being an appliance that eats up lots of fuel it should be replaced immediately.

A solar water heater will bring you hot water without the need of an external source of energy other than the sun. The collectors of these heaters, which are the ones that heat up water, are placed on the roof of your house. From there water runs through pipelines either into a reservoir or directly to a tank and into your faucet. The way the hot water is stored depends on the type of water heater.

Keeping it simple with a passive system

These systems work in a pretty basic way. First, the water flows into the collector where it heats up. After the sun’s rays have done their job the hot water then continues to flow through a pipe system and into the tank and in your bathroom.

These solar water heaters are much more inexpensive but they also have their shortcomings. Their efficiency ranks very low and the possibility of freezing or overheating can spell disaster. Maintenance, on the other hand is greatly reduce. Basically once the system is fitted you won’t need to change any parts for a long time.

If you can afford it choose an active solar water heater

Installment costs rank pretty high with this appliance but you should see it as an investment. It is true that choosing this type of solar water heater comes at a cost of $1000 to $5000 but they after that they will run flawlessly. A big addition to the active system are the pumps which can move water around the system at any given time.

Active systems are fitted with a controller which automatically senses any changes in weather and thus it can activate the pumps to move the water so that it won’t freeze or overheat. The efficiency of active water heaters is greatly increased thanks to this gadget. Due to their intelligent design you will have hot water at a price found nowhere else.

As you can see you can only thrive by installing a solar water heater into your home. You will never again look fearfully at the electricity or gas bills. In fact, your energy consumption will downsize by 50% to almost 90%, depending on the region in which you live in.

But there is more good news coming. If you think you haven’t got the money to invest then you should know that the Government will give you incentives. Couple that with the rebates some States will offer and you will have to pay far less than you thought. The cards are on the table and it is time to make your move. Will you choose the modern solution or continue maintaining a storage tank water heater just because it is more comfortable.