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Pipe Relining

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Once a series of pipes is placed under the ground, they will be subjected to the earth’s movement and pressure, As long as they are deep in the ground, they will continue to be subjected to these forces. Eventually, at least one section of the sewer line pipe network will crack or break.

When part of the sewer line network breaks, any of the following can happen:

  • Foul odours emitted in different parts of the property
  • Wastewater flooding in different sections of the property
  • Lawn indentations, which can eventually become sink holes
  • Dampness in parts of the property

Aside from the things mentioned above, sewer pipe breakage can also cause a blockage or clog that can become severe enough to cause a sewer backup. The roots of trees usually cause this to happen to a sewer line. A crack on a pipe of the sewer line allows roots to make their way in the pipe. Once a root network has been built, it will begin to catch any debris and dirt that flow down the pipe. Eventually, homeowners will begin to notice a number of signs of a blocked sewer, including:

  • Drains running slowly
  • At least two completely blocked or slow drains
  • Blockages happening often
  • Bubbling or gurgling in drains
  • Toilet bowl water rising
  • Odours being emitted from drains
  • Overflowing of the sewer gully

Blockage of the sewer pipe caused by root intrusion can be sorted out in a couple of different ways. The first solution is the partial or complete replacement of the sewer line. Naturally, this involves digging much of the property, thus requiring a lot of time, effort, and manpower to accomplish the task. This process will usually involve a machine called the electric eel, which has some similarities with another plumbing tool called the ‘drain auger’. Although this works in combating debris buildup and root penetration, it does poorly against the eventual regrowth.

Fortunately, there is another solution, one that addresses both root intrusion and root regrowth. This solution is called PIPE RELINING. It involves the insertion of a durable fiberglass lining once the pipe has been cleared. Here is a rundown of the steps in the pipe relining process:

  • A partial clearing of the sewage line is done
  • The severity of the blockage and the root network that caused it will be checked using a camera
  • Once it is determined that pipe relining will best resolve this problem, it is then cleared using a water jetter.
  • The plumbing team will then insert the lining into the sewer line. It is inverted and cured with either steam or hot water once it is inside the sewer line. The lining usually dries a few hours after being installed.
  • We will then assess our work with the same camera used earlier.

Unlike more traditional processes, the advantages of pipe relining are numerous:

  • The sewer pipe is accessed through a single part of the property typically. The access point does not need to be dug up, making pipe-relining a cost-effective process
  • It does not require a lot of time and effort to perform
  • Because the lining is made of fiberglass, it can withstand the toughest of forces.
  • There’s no need to worry about the reduction of the internal diameter of the pipe, since the lining is thin.

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